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Our land, our roots.

We are based in the province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, Northwest Italy, a land rich of great wines and exclusive products. We design and process both natural and synthetic materials, chasing precision with the most innovative technologies, making model aircrafts in different scales, miniature houses, promotional items, original sized commercial exhibitors and artistic furnishing complements. A constantly evolving range of products, ready to manage both small and large productions with the same high quality level.

A bit of Aviation History inside the AnnerFactory's story.

This old picture shows Engineer Carlo Cesareni, our ancestor and co-founder of F.A.S.T. company in Turin, along with some Italian pilots. He was a pioneer of the aerospace industry. His brand equipped wheels, trolleys, gunnery rails, shock absorbers and safety brake systems of most of the Italian fighter aircrafts from the 20s to the 40s.

When intense passions become duties.

Above we can see Carlo Cesareni supervising the burner tests of the legendary Campini Caproni C.C.2 . This experimental, futuristic model, developed at the end of the 30s, was one of the first jet propulsion aircraft manufactured in the world, equipped with extremely advanced tech solutions such as the duralumin structure and an elliptical lowwing.


From 30 Jan to 3 Feb 2019 we were at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, the main International Toy Fair.


We just come back from the Toy Fair in New York, where we presented our most interested news for the US market.

Fling your ideas!

We translate your ideas into reality, whether they are small or large.

Design and development
of third parties projects.
Branded, sized and
personalized production.


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